Congrats Mr & Mrs Maldonado

This past Sunday I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, don’t get it twisted, I love football.  I attended the wedding of my good friends Gabe and Cherie instead.  Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  They are two of the best people I have met through my BJJ journey.  Just want to wish them nothing but happiness because they deserve it.  And shoutout to my Table 12 peeps!!!  We were seated with some cool ass people!

I had so much fun!!!  It was like a reunion.  I got to see so many GT peeps!  Poppa Bear, HobbyK was there, he officiated the ceremony!  The “Gabe do you promise to only promote Cherie in Jiu Jitsu if she truly deserves it?,” was too funny.  Anton and I decided to do champagne shots with the leftover toast glasses lol.  Got to chill with HobbyK, RobbyD, Sonny, Gino, Amber, Anton, Josh, Ryan, Jersonn, and the rest of the GT crew.  Had a good conversation with Kevin Gallagher about what to write about in our blogs.  Kevin is one of GT’s newest black belts, btw.  So naturally, Sonny and I hit Kevin up with the “Is it true….” questions.  You know…”Is it true that when you get your black belt, it ties itself?”, “Is it true when you get your black belt, your ass wipes itself after you drop a deuce?”, “Is it true when you get your black belt you get super powers?”  The best line was from Cowboy.  He said, “Holy shit, I’ve never seen so much cauliflower ear in one room before.” lmao

The relationships forged from training jiu jitsu are unlike any other.  These GT guys are my brothers.  They’ve seen my kids grow up.  I’ve seen these guys get married, have kids, go through rough patches, etc.  It is an honor to be part of this brotherhood!!!

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