Again, I struggle to keep up with my blog.  I wish I had a better excuse than, “I forgot.”  Writer’s block….HOWBOUTDAT?!?! lol

Things couldn’t be better at the G-Dub.  My brutha Josh Hayden just came down to do a leg lock seminar at the school.  It was an awesome seminar.  The Go-Lace sequence was badass!  Got some good training in(as much as I could as I was still sick).  And I got to hangout with my boys Josh, Trav, Dylan, Jason, Papi-Loco, and Steven afterwards.  As well as meet Jesse from KY.  Even setup the filming of a commercial next time Jesse makes it down.

I was sick as a dog last wk and Cowboy, Mylene, Roy, Kev, Denny, Jon, Azad, Bradley, and the crew picked up the slack and the gym ran flawlessly!  Props to those guys.  I would’ve been in big trouble if it weren’t for them.

G-Dub continues to grow!!!  We are right at about 80 students in just 3 months!!!  This is truly a blessing!  I was very optimistic when the guys and I started this venture, but it has just blossomed into what we have now.  It’s a testament to the work our instructors put forth into providing excellent instruction and making classes enjoyable.  We’ve added some good people to our gym and the atmosphere is awesome.  I may be a bit biased(maybe a lot lol), but Cowboy, Roy and I were discussing how great the students and parents are at Gracie Wesley Chapel.

Here’s a great example of the tight knit group we have:  Last week, one of our instructors had to tend to some family matters out of state.  Our G-Dub family got together and got him a present to help him out, and let him know we got his back and that he is appreciated.  Almost brought a tear to my eyes(Damn you Kevin Licciardello! lol)

There is no other word to describe how I am feeling right now but BLESSED.  I appreciate each and every single person at G-Dub! (except Denny, he’s a dick.  hahahaha j/k Denny, you my boy)