The beginning of GWC

This is what we started out with.  Purple, Teal, and Yellow!!!!  At some point, someone picked out those colors and said, “Yeah, this is gonna look DOPE!”  hahahaha

I am slackin on my blog!!!

With kids classes starting, equipment arriving, member signups, birthday parties, etc all happening I have fallen behind with my blog.  So here are some pics to get everyone caught up. Open mat on Sunday with some of the guys. Benny and Alexander at pump it up slide. The Wolf boys helping Dad with his GWC sticker. New rope and dodgeballs.

HobbyK and Broc

Cowboy and I went down to GT, got to hear some good ole HobbyK jiu jitsu stories(if you have never heard them, you are missing out).  Chilled with Broc, hopefully get him up to do some firearms classes with us in the future.

Can’t keep the G-Dub kids off the mats

Since there has been a delay with our mats from Dollamur, I borrowed mats from RobbyD and my buddy Fritzy.  I am now able to run kids classes for my existing students and allow for some small open mat sessions.

Almost there

We’ve been hard at work getting the gym ready!  Kevin was in charge of renovating the restroom and it looks amazing!  Wall slats are up and GWC shirts are in.  Come get a shirt!  I framed in the mats, problem is….they are not here yet lol.  I will be borrowing some mats from one of my instructors and some friends …

We got Signage!!!

Thanks to my good friend Rob and the folks at Sign Parrot, our signage is up.  Very pleased with the way it turned out.  They did amazing work!  More pics to come…. Sign Parrot 6400 E Columbus Dr Tampa, FL 33619 (813)612-9200

Making progress….

Flooring has been installed in the front sitting area, bathroom, and lounge.  Mylene and I installed the rubber baseboards.  This has definitely been a DIY learning experience!!!

GWC Buildout Pt 3

Hanging wall slats, signage installation, and building bleachers!