Wrick Tomas

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  • Wrick Tomas, aka “Wricksta”

    Is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under the legenday Rob Kahn. He is the Head Instructor of Gracie Wesley Chapel. He began his jiu jitsu training in 2006, while stationed in Pensacola. After serving in the Navy for 10 years, Wricksta relocated to the Tampa area. In October of 2006 he and his family began training at Gracie Tampa. In 2012 he began teaching at Gracie Brandon and was subsequently awarded “2013 Coach of the Year” while he was there. He became the Head Jiu Jitsu instructor at a Krav Maga school closer to his home in 2014 and built a successful program. In 2016, his dreams of opening up his own academy came to fruition with Gracie Wesley Chapel. Wricksta’s believes in training hard, but also having fun. He likes to crack jokes and keep things lighthearted during his classes.