Kids Class


I can only hope what I write can accurately express my gratitude and appreciation of the coaches at Gracie Wesley Chapel. Coach Wrick Tomas is a fantastic instructor who is personally invested in the development of all of his students. He is a fantastic role model for children and works tirelessly to inspire them to reach their goals and potential. On a personal note, we enrolled our youngest son because he was having difficulties in his class and following directions at home (e.g. ADHD). His teachers would comment “he is a wonderful child and very bright but like to talk a lot and has a hard time staying on task.” He is a great kid but as parents we felt he needed additional structure, discipline, and a good role model to help him reach his potential in life. Prior to starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with coach Wrick, he would come home from class more days than not on “yellow” and occasionally on “red” for not completing his assignments.

Within 2 months of starting BJJ my son was coming home on “green”, excited about his accomplishments, and gaining self-confidence with each passing week. I attribute most of his success to the kindness and guidance of coach Wrick who spent a lot of extra time between classes or “open mat” talking to our son. He taught my son self-discipline and constantly challenges him to believe in himself, never to quit, and push himself to limits he did not think possible. As a parent, you can probably understand why I feel so indebted to coach Wrick and his instructors. Gracie Wesley Chapel is a wonderful “family” atmosphere and I look forward to seeing everyone throughout the week and have made life-long friendships here.

From a technical standpoint you will not find any better quality instruction in the area. The staff and students are so welcoming and make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. There is a saying, “mats don’t lie” and the students at Gracie Wesley Chapel are very successful in competition, but more importantly in life. If you are considering learning more about BJJ or stopping by Gracie Wesley Chapel, don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it!